Saturday, April 2nd, 10:15 p.m., Hall 3, director of Flik Flok present, Q & A after the screening

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Flik Flok by Angeliki Pardalidou

2021, Greece – Greek with English subtitles – International premiere
13 min

One couple. A special night. Dinner. Wine. Will the night turn out as they imagined?

Nexting by Karina Logothetis

2021, Greece / USA – English with English subtitles – German premiere

12 min

Lexi has glossed over life without deep commitments or attachments. She joins the online dating world as a fun and easy way to meet people and spend her few nights in town. But what appears to be an exciting journey, soon becomes a draining loop. “Nexting” explores human connection, relationships, timing or rather the lack of the above, as well as the question of how present we can actually be, when we are constantly thinking about what better is hiding around the corner.


Corfu, the island of pancakes by Spyros Badios & Spyros Paipetis

2021, Greece – Greek with English subtitles – Berlin premiere

54 min

Corfu is one of the northern and most populated islands of the Mediterranean sea. The marks from harsh times still remain in some corners of its historic town center. Which was the important ingredient that shaped traditions and mostly helped the survival not only of Corfiots, but also of people around the world through history?
 Pancakes are a round viand prepared with a basic mixture mostly of flour and water, while archaeological data shows that they might be the most ancient and widespread type of food with their structure and shape varying from place to place.








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Angeliki Pardalidou, Karina Logothetis, Spyros Badios & Spyros Paipetis


short films


Greece / USA


79 min


Greek / English with English subtitles