Friday, April 1st, 10 p.m., Hall 3, director of Vathikofto present, Q & A after the screening

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Cortázar by Katerina Strauch & Argyris Germanidis

2021, Greece / Germany – German with English subtitles – Berlin premiere
10 min

Somewhere on the mainland, the tenants of a building sleepwalk towards their windows to watch Sisyphos sweep away the fallen leaves. It’s autumn. On the radio, a voice mentions Cortázar’s aquatic endeavours. A series of drownings and disappearances connect the water supply system to a secret passage to the sea.


Vathikofto – by Ioanna Kryona

2021, Greece / Germany – Greek / German with English subtitles – German premiere

22 min

“What is vathikofto?” she asked. “It’s a deep-cut décolleté”, answered the other one slightly annoyed. Two girls, an empty suitcase and the unpredictably fatal consequences of a single wrong lyric on a Saturday evening in Berlin.


Jackpot – by Dimitris Zapatinas

2021, Greece – Greek with English subtitles – International premiere

25 min

When a man learns that his beloved grandfather has a few days to live, he sets out to fulfil his life-long dream.


At the Airport – by Michalis I. Mathioudakis
2021, Greece – Greek with English subtitles – International premiere
23 min
In a small Greek island, Prokopis is the only employee of the local airport.







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Katerina Strauch & Argyris Germanidis, Ioanna Kryona, Dimitris Zapatinas, Michalis I. Mathioudakis


short films


Greece / Germany


80 min


Greek / German with English subtitles