Awards 2023

Emerging Greeks Award 2023

The Emerging Greeks Award 2023 went to Black Stone by Spiros Jacovides. 

The Emerging Greeks Award accompanied by 1000 euros sponsored by the Greek Film Centre went “to a film “that brings a specially lighthearted approach to some very important topics that torture contemporary Greek society: overbearing Greek mothers, racism and immigration among other things. A family tale, told with love, hard irony, and humor”.  BLACK STONE by Spiros Jakovidis

The Award was received by the director of the film.

The Documentary Awards 2023 went Femicidio by Nina Maria Paschalidou

The Documentary Award accompanied by 500 euros sponsored by the MUSOU Music Group went “to a film that .“Shines a light on a real wound of our society today, driven by patriarchal principles. We are following a courageous woman survivor tackling a problem, that affects at least 50% of our population”. FEMICIDIO by Nina Maria Paschalidou”. The Award was received by the director of the festival.