poster 2024

Visual Identity 2024


The Greek Film Festival in Berlin unveils the new key visual that will mark its upcoming 9th
edition, which will take place at the historic Babylon Cinema on March 20-24th, 2024.


Central to the key visual is a watching eye. It is alert, while on it, two red creatures of
unknown origin and in a tie dance playfully; their faces are cameras with large lenses. The
eye sheds a red tear powerfully and with determination, concluding with this year’s motto:
We choose the bloody BIG screen.


The motto crystallized as a concept and accompanies the visual identity, which represents
this year’s highlight of horror films, bloody horror – a genre with numerous fans – and will
contain selections that border on cult.


“We choose the bloody BIG screen – we always do. Because it’s enjoyment, it’s entertainment
accessible to all, it’s inclusive and it connects those who enjoy it together. It’s a unique experience
that we share with our fellow audience. With dynamism, determination and courage, we insist on
cinema – a long-standing position of the festival – and look forward to rallying all our friends in the
Babylon halls”, the organizers said.


The key visual was developed as a concept by the festival team and was created by visual
designer Konstantinos Kamperis.


The full program of the festival’s films and events will be announced at the end of January.


From the Communication & Press Office