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April 3, 2023

Closing Ceremony and Awards


With a short ceremony in a pleasant and warm atmosphere, with the directors of the program as well as the Jury Committee consisting of Mirja Frehse – Senior Funding MEDIA, Sydney Levine – Intermational Film Businee Consultant and Panagiotis Evaggelidis – Director Screenwriter, the 8th Greek Film Festival in Berlin at Babylon in Berlin Mitte closed its curtain. With about 40 professionals present, filmmakers, producers, actors, sales agents, musicians Greek and foreign, many dear friends and a completely sold out hall, the Emerging Greeks Award and for the first time Documentary Award were presented.

The films that participated in the Emerging Greeks Competition section are:

  • “Listen” by Maria Douza (Deutschlandpremiere)
  • “Black Stone” by Spiros Jacovides (German premiere)
  • “Silence 6-9” by Christos Passalis (German premiere)
  • “Magnetic Fields” by Giorgos Gousis (German premiere)
  • “Dignity” by Dimitris Katsimiris (German premiere)

The Emerging Greeks Award, accompanied by the amount of 1000 euros, sponsored by the Greek Film Centre, was won by the film Black Stone by Spiros Iakovidis, on the grounds that: This is a film that offers a particularly light-hearted approach to some very important issues that plague Greek society today: overbearing Greek mothers, racism and immigration among other things. A family tale, told with love, hard irony, and humor”.  


The award was received by the director.

The films participating in the Documentary Competition were:


  • “5 ½ years” by Myrto Simaionidou and Ioanna Papaioannou
  • “Airland” by Haris Raftogiannis (International premiere)
  • “Femicidio” by Nina Maria Paschalidou (German premiere)
  • “Carols” by Jenny Tsiropoulou (German Premiere, short film)
  • “Iota Period Omega” by Alexis Alexiou (German premiere, short film)
  • “MMICROBIOME” by Stavros Petropoulos (German premiere, short), 
  • “Under the Lake” by Thanasis Trombukis (short film).


The Documentary Award, accompanied by the amount of 500 euros sponsored by Musou Music Group, was won by Nina Maria Paschalidou’s Femicidio with the reason: “The film sheds light on a real wound of our current society, which is driven by patriarchal principles. We follow a courageous female survivor, who faces a problem that affects at least 50% of our population.” 

The award was received by the director of the festival, Sofia Stavrianidou.


To the directors of the two winning films, Crew United Greece offered a 5-year Premium Video+ Membership to the international platform of film professionals. 

After the end of the film Closing DODO by Panos Koutras, a party followed at the Illuseum Berlin.


Sponsors and Supporters:

From the Communications & Press Office


February 6th, 2023




The Greek Film Festival in Berlin will kick off for the 8th time at Babylon Cinema, from March 29th to April 2nd, 2023. The festival is ready to welcome back cinema filmmakers, guests, cinephiles and its beloved friends.
More mature, stronger, slowly crossing the borders of Berlin and traveling to other German cities, the festival is now mainly oriented towards promotion of emerging filmmakers from Greece in Germany. The festival will present a programme that is diverse, featuring the best of the country’s new film productions. Comedy, satire, even in its crudest form, light dramedy are genres that make up a significant part of this year’s program.


With 35 films in total, fiction, documentaries, shorts and special screenings will be spread over the five days of the event, with repetitions in order for the audience to book their tickets with more flexibility. With 6 international, 3 European and 18 German premieres, the festival will offer the best to its visitors.



The opening film will be the dramedy “Where We Live” directed by Sotiris Goritsas, based on the titular book by Christos Kythreotis. Starring Promitheas Aliferopoulos, Stelios Mainas, Makis Papadimitriou, Maria Kalimani and Gerasimos Skiadaresis. This will be an International Premiere, with the director present at the screening for Q&A.
Before the Opening Film, the festival will host a short surprise solo show that will combine music and comedy, which we hope will be embraced by our audience.



The Closing Film will be “Dodo” directed by Panos H. Koutras, with Akis Sakellariou, Smaragda Karidis, Jeff Montana, Chris Radanov, Marissa Triantafyllidou, Nikos Gelia, Mariella Savvidou, Jomana Alhassan and Polydoros Vogiatzis. With the announcement of this year’s key visuals, the festival gave away the hint that a dodo will have a strong presence this year and there is nothing better than Koutras’ film, which had its world premiere at last year’s Cannes Film Festival. The film will have its Berlin premiere at the festival.



The official “Emerging Greeks Competition” includes first or second feature films by feature filmmakers and is being held for the fifth year. The program includes:


● “Listen” by Maria Douza (German premiere)
● “Black Stone” by Spiros Jacovides (German premiere)
● “Silence 6-9” by Christos Passalis (German premiere)
● “Magnetic Fields” by Giorgos Gousis (German premiere)
● “Dignity” by Dimitris Katsimiris (International premiere)


All directors of the Competition program will be present and there will be Q&As held after the screenings.


The films will compete for the Emerging Greeks Award, accompanied with a cash prize of 1000 euros, sponsored by the Greek Film Centre.



The Documentary program includes:


● “5 1/2” by Myrto Symeonidou and Ioanna Papaioannou. The film features the journalists who covered the events behind the closed doors of the Golden Dawn trial.
● “Airland” by Haris Raftogiannis (International premiere), a “handmade documentary about chaos, creation, deconstruction and escape”.
● “Femicidio” by Nina Maria Paschalidou (German premiere). The documentary deals with femicide in Italy focusing on cases that have shaken society and revealed the misogyny of the Italian culture.
● “Carols” by Jenny Tsiropoulou (short film), a short doc that gets into the psyche of a man who, although a doctor, doesn’t save lives but lives with death.
● “Iota Period Omega” by Alexis Alexiou (German premiere, short film), a video essay shot in 8mm.
● “Microbiome” by Stavros Petropoulos (German premiere, short film), a comic documentary that takes us to Ikaria and a scientific test on the inhabitants about longevity!
● “Under the Lake” by Thanasis Trouboukis (short), takes us to the memories of the inhabitants in a mountain village that slowly sinks into a lake.


The documentaries will compete for the Documentary Award by Musou of 500 euros, sponsored by Musou Music Group.


Two more documentary films will be screened Out of Competition: “To Each Their Voice: Theodoros Angelopoulos & Nikos Panayotopoulos” by Antonis Kokkinos and Yannis Soldatos; a conversation between the two great Greek filmmakers, shot for an editorial series that was never published. The program also includes Dimitris Argyriou’s “Lights Out, Berlin!”, which focuses – through interviews – on two famous DJs and club owners in Berlin and how they survived during the pandemic.


The Special Screenings will feature “Travelling Ghosts” by Thanos Anastopoulos in an International Premiere, a film that combines documentary and fiction. It is a portrayal of the history of the 18th century Trieste, where the Enlightenment movement was in full swing and our own Greek Revolution was ready to kick off.

Yorgos Athanasiou’s “Blossoms to Blossoms”, a comedy featuring two “almost” friends playing a game of get-to-know-you, will also be screened.


As already announced, the festival honours actor, screenwriter and producer Vangelis Mourikis, an emblematic figure of new Greek cinema, with a three-film Spotlight:


● “The King” (2002) by Nikos Grammatikos is one of the best films of the new Greek cinema. Based on true events, it follows the integration into the life of a small provincial town of an ex-convict. Mourikis plays one of the best roles of his career.
● “Norway” (2014) by Yannis Veslemes, a comic vampire film with Mourikis playing Zano, a vampire in search of a hot girl in Athens of 1984. Another face of Mourikis in a totally unusual role.
● “Isovites” (Lifers, 2008) by Thodoros Maragos, a politically incorrect, cult comedy in which Mourikis plays a truck driver who ends up in a prison cell with a protesting citizen, Takis Spyridakis, in a fatal, infuriating co-existence! The film is the actor’s personal proposal for the program.
After the screenings, there will be Q&As with the actor. On Saturday evening, after the screening of the “King”, an extended discussion will take place.


The Shorts program includes a strong selection of 14 short films, covering many themes and different cinematic trends. Full of award-winning films presented in the world’s biggest festivals and new directorial voices, this year’s program reflects all the trends in recent Greek short film production:


● “5pm Seaside” by Valentin Stejskal
● “Airhostess-737” by Thanasis Neofotistos
● “Memoir of a Veering Storm” by Sofia Georgovassili
● “All the Time in the World” by Danae Epithymiadi (German premiere)
● “ENOMENA” by Phaedra Vokali (German premiere)
● “Hussies” by Despina Mavridou (German premiere)
● “Magma” by Lia Tsalta (German premiere)
● “A Night at the Cemetery” by Stelios Polychronakis (German premiere)
● “Not tomorrow” by Amerissa Basta (German premiere)
● “Pendulus” by Dimitris Gkotsis (International premiere)
● “Reflections” by Fotis Skourletis (German premiere)
● “On Xerxes’ Throne” by Evi Kalogiropoulou (German premiere)
● “The Last Journey” by Steve Krikris (European premiere)
● “tokakis or What’s my Name” by Thanos Tokakis (German premiere)

The screenings will be followed by Q&As with the present filmmakers.



Cinematherapy with Denise Nikolakou


For this year’s 8th edition of The Greek Film Festival in Berlin, the Drama International Short Film Festival (DISFF) will come to Berlin with a Cinematherapy session with the Synthetic Psychotherapist Denise Nikolakou; a parallel event of the Drama Festival that has been held successfully for three years now.
Cinematherapy is the use of films to mobilize and identify emotions and to draw conclusions in the context of the psychotherapeutic process. As moving images cover an extremely wide range of topics, they are implemented to encourage the audience to understand almost each and every one of them. As part of the event, the short film “tokakis or What’s my Name” by Thanos Tokakis will be screened, and a discussion will follow led by the psychotherapist, in a unique interaction that combines psychotherapy with the art of cinema. The session will focus particularly on comedy, comic elements, laughter, and satire, as they appear in Thanos Tokakis’ film. The session will take place on Friday, March 31st, OVAL Babylon, 18:00 – Free admission.


As part of the cultural exchange with the city of Berlin, on Saturday, April 1st, 2023, the festival will organize for the second consecutive year, the Berlin Walk for the filmmakers and their guests: it is a short tour of the city, showing them its beauties and corners the guests may not have had the opportunity to experience. It is an opportunity for artists and festival participants to see the city “with a different eye” and to get to know each other.


Jury 2023


The Jury of the official Emerging Greeks Competition and the Documentary section is consisted of:


Mirja Frehse, Funding Consultant MEDIA


Mirja Frehse graduated in film and TV production at the Film University Babelsberg. After working as marketing manager at the Berlin based X Verleih AG, she worked as executive producer for Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion in Vienna focused on international co-productions. Following her work as consultant for national and international financing for several German and Austrian production companies, she started working as senior funding consultant for the Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Berlin-Brandenburg in 2007. The Creative Europe Desks are contact points for media professionals in Europe offering information and networking events to support international cooperation amongst professionals. Within the framework of such activities, Mirja is often present at festivals and markets or audiovisual training in Europe, where the European children’s film as well as young talents are very close to her heart. She is also specialized in international financing for European audiovisual projects and their distribution.


Sydney Levine, International Film Business Consultant


Sydney Levine is a consultant for filmmakers creating festival and distribution strategies and for countries interested in bringing U.S. producers and production companies to their locations for co-productions. She began her career in 1975 as the first woman in international distribution, when she was hired by 20th Century Fox International. From 1978 to 1988, she moved to the field of acquisitions working for short and documentary films as well as for the feature film distributors Lorimar Pictures and Republic Pictures. In 1988, she created FilmFinders, the industry’s first database, designed for acquisition executives in distribution and sales, as well as for festival programmers in need to track new films from world cinema for acquisition. The database was acquired by IMDb in 2007 and Levine worked to professionalize IMDbPro. In 2009, she founded SydneysBuzz to consult and write on the international film business. Having taught at Chapman University Dodge College, UCLA Film and Business Schools, New School of Social Research, Deutsche Welle Akademie, Binger Institut, Cannes Producers Workshop and Berlinale Talents, she frequently moderates panels and seminars. She lives in Los Angeles, California and Berlin, Germany, and travels extensively on the international film circuit. In addition to her native English, she speaks French, German and Spanish.


Panagiotis Evangelidis, director, screenwriter, author


Panayiotis Evangelidis was born in Athens, where he lives and works. He studied Law in the Athens Law School, and he is a film director, screenwriter, writer, literature translator and shiatsu therapist. He mainly directs documentaries with a humanitarian focus. He has published four books and he translates mainly from Japanese. His films include “Chip And Ovi” (2008), “The Glow In The Dark” (2012), “Irving Park” (2019).
The timetable of the festival will be released in mid-February.


Tickets for the films will be available on the festival and Babylon website
Seats will be numbered, and online ticket booking is recommended.


All press releases and the program can be found on the homepage of the festival’s official website



Press Office




Collaboration with Drama International Short Film Festival

  • New Documentary Award by Musou


The Greek Film Festival in Berlin is pleased to announce its new collaboration with the Drama International Short Film Festival. The collaboration has emerged after discussions for over a year and is based on the mutual appreciation and the devotion to the Greek film.

For the 8th edition of The Greek Film Festival in Berlin, Drama will join us in Berlin with a Cinematherapy Session with Integrative Psychotherapist Denis Nikolakou, a parallel event of the Drama Short FF that has been held with great success for three years.

Cinematherapy is defined as the use of films to motivate and recognize emotions or to draw conclusions in the context of the psychotherapeutic process. Cinematherapy is associated with the ancient art of storytelling as an educational tool. Can be used to encourage the audience to understand almost any subject matter, as cinema covers an extremely wide range of subjects. As part of the event in Berlin, a short film will be screened, followed by a discussion led by the psychotherapist in a unique interaction that combines psychotherapy with the art of cinema. Featuring the festival’s director and programmers, the session will focus on comedy, laughter, and satire. 

The event will take place on Friday, March 31, OVAL Babylon, 18:00 – Free entry.


Denise Nikolakou is an Integrative Psychotherapist (MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy. Since 2014 she has been coordinating groups of self-knowledge, personal development, and therapy, in role-playing games, training in the skills of functional relationships using the art of cinema as a means of expression, psychoeducation, and therapy. Since 2020 she is the head of the Cinematherapy program at the International Short Film Festival of Drama where she introduced and made known for the first time to the public the program Cinematherapy together with the Oscar-winning director Pawel Pawlikowski.


Documentary Award by Musou

The Greek Film Festival in Berlin this year initiates a Documentary Award by Musou for 500 euros, provided by the Musou Music Group.

Musou Music Group was created in 2006 to offer a broad range of music related services, including custom music creation, sound design, consulting and licensing to film and advertising professionals that are after the best music and sound production available.

The established Emerging Greeks Award of 1000 euros for newcomers is sponsored by the Greek Film Center. 

The full festival program of films and events will be announced in early February.


The press office





The Greek Film Festival in Berlin reveals its new keyvisual that will mark the upcoming 8th edition. The festival smiles and laughs with the comedy, satire and dramedy which a big part of the new edition’s program is dedicated to.


A central position in the keyvisual is occupied on a yellow background by the photo of a dodo, this ugly, funny but also cute bird, which lived peacefully and with harmony with the whole animal kingdom throughout its existence in the world. The dodo sadly disappeared from the planet about 300 years ago, a loss many are unaware of. His story comes to light with the famous film “Dodo” by Panos H. Koutras, which had its world premiere at the 2022 Cannes film festival.


A …bird as the keyvisual of a film festival? You look at the dodo and you smile but also laugh. If one looks at the keyvisual closer, it is already smiling along with the line above him. On the other hand, you feel a bit sad about his disappearance. This association leads us to the cinema, this beloved entertaining habit that has been through tough times lately. We wish that cinema will prevail surviving the crisis, and that it will not be lost like dodo, but will remain alive so that we can all enjoy it together for a long long time” according to the organisers.


The keyvisual was developed as a concept by the members of the festival team based on feedback and discussion which contributed to the result.


The full festival program of films and events will be announced in early February.


Press Office



Spotlight Vangelis Mourikis

The 8th Greek Film Festival in Berlin will take place from March 29 to April 2, 2023 at the Babylon in Mitte. The new edition of the festival includes:
The Emerging Greeks Competition section.
A Documentary Program
Special Screenings
Short films with a selection by the new short film program director Konstantinos Aivaliotis.
As announced on social media a few days ago, the festival will organize a Spotlight with three films featuring the great actor, screenwriter and producer of the new independent Greek cinema Vangelis Mourikis.
Vangelis Mourikis was born and raised in Greece. He studied at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. He first worked in various jobs and started as an actor with small roles in mainstream films and mainly in independent and avant-garde productions. In the early 90’s he returned to Greece and since then until today he has been acting in short and feature films by both emerging and established directors. He has been awarded numerous prizes for his work, and the films in which he has acted have been shown at the most important festivals in the world.
Films as an actor (selection): The Garden of God by Takis Spyridakis (1992), My Brother and I by Antonis Kokkinos (1998), Les Photographes by Nikos Koundouros (1998), The King by Nikos Grammatikos (2002), Agrypnia by Nikos Grammatikos (2005), The Soul in the Mouth by Yannis Economidis (2006), With Heart and Soul by Pantelis Voulgaris (2010), Attenberg by Athena Rachel Tsangari (2010), Chevalier by Athena Rachel Tsangari (2015), Digger by Georgis Grigorakis (2020).
Mr. Mourikis will be present at the festival. The films of the tribute will be announced later.

The press office



02/08/2022 The Greek Film Festival in Berlin goes Frankfurt

We are delighted to announce that our festival prepares its luggage and will travel to Frankfurt, 17 & 18 September at EL DORADO cinema! The Greek Film Festival in Berlin GOES FRANKFURT with a selection of five films from the 7th edition!

Expansion of the festival to other cities has always been an important goal for us. There are many German and international movie goers who wish to watch recent Greek film productions and discover the new Greek voices, and additionally there are many Greeks of ‘diaspora’  (natives) who crave to watch films in their native language. Τherefore to our great joy we …GO (to) FRANKFURT and intend to stay and grow there as well.




SMYRNA by Grigoris Karantinakis
.DOG by Yianna Americanou
PACK OF SHEEP by Dimitris Kannellopoulos
INVISIBLE by Marianna Kakaounaki
MEMENTO by Nikos Ziogas


Our festival wishes to thank warmly the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports for the support.

Thank you also:
Consulate General of Greece in Frankfurt
Harmonie, Cinema & Eldorado: Arthouse Kinos Frankfurt




That was a wrap for the 7th edition of The Greek Film Festival in Berlin. What a night! Drag Queens Ruth Stoner and Fistina Sprudel warmed up the ceremony in euphoria and humor
The Emerging Greeks Award accompanied by 1000 euros sponsored by the Greek Film Centre went to HOLY EMY by Araceli Lemos with the following motivation:
“Based on a story of self-discovery by two different symbiotic sisters who live in a closed community of Filipino Catholics in Piraeus, the film manages to combine realistic milieu descriptions, subtle horror, mysticism, and psychodrama and takes the viewer into a fascinating inner journey”.
The Award was received by one of the main actors of the film, Michalis Syriopoulos.
A warm thank you to our Jury Valeska Neu, Bernd Buder and Nicos Ligouris!
After the ceremony our Closing Film MONDAY by Argyris Papadimitropoulos was screened.

Thank you to our Sponsors and Partners
The Festival takes place Under the Auspices of the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Festival takes place Under the Auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.



We are very proud to announce our program of films and events 2022. It has been hard work but we did it with joy hoping that you will embrace it once more and enjoy it as much as we did preparing it. 
As for the current situation with the pandemic, the new edition will mark our return to the cinema after two years.  Our festival will comply strictly to the health protocols and we will be ready to safely welcome our filmmakers, guests, cinephiles and dear friends back where the films belong: the cinema hall. 
Diversity, openness and freedom are the key-words that mark this year’s edition and serve as an  inspiration to all its sections. 36 films in total,  fiction, documentaries, short films, specials will be screened over the five days of the event with some selected repetitions.
See the full program here (link)
The timeline program will be release by the end of February. 
Tickets will be available by the end of February at Babylon


27/10/2021 Call for entries OPEN 


The 7th edition of The Greek Film Festival will take place 30 March – 3 April 2022 at Babylon in Berlin and submissions are now OPEN, with a deadline of December 3rd 2021. The application along with the Rules & Regulations you can find in the Homepage of the festival: 

After the 6th online edition, the festival is ready to return to exactly where it belongs: the cinema hall. New films, new tributes, new challenges are coming along and the festival is ready to embrace it all. As every year, our program will include 1. Emerging Greeks Competition for first and second features 2. Documentaries 3. Shorts 4. An LGBTQI+ tribute – 2020 despite the pandemic restrictions, was a very productive year for many good LGBTQI+ films and we are happy to select the best ones for our audience. 

The Emerging Greeks Award is accompanied this year with an award of 1000 euros sponsored by The Greek Film Center. 

The films return to the cinemas and our festival celebrates the colors, the multi-collectivity, the multi-subjectivity, the diversity. We are ready for the seventh cinematic challenge hoping that the audience will embrace it once again’ according to the organizers.






In a short and pleasant online ceremony, the Emerging Greeks Award of the 6th edition of the Greek Film Festival in Berlin was bestowed. Present were Jury Members Isona Admetlla (World Cinema Fund), Venia Vergou (Hellenic Film Commission) και Knut Elstermann (journalist-film critic, radio1\rbb), along the nominated directors and the organising members of the Festival. 

You can watch the Ceremony at the Festivals’ channel on vimeo: TGFFB: Award Ceremony 2021 on Vimeo

The films participating in the Emerging Greeks Competition Section are: 

  • Defunct – by Zacharias Mavroeidis
  • Not to be unpleasant, but we need to have a serious talk – by Giorgos Georgopoulos
  • Kala azar – by Janis Rafa 
  • Green Sea – by Angeliki Antoniou 
  • Amercement – by Fokion Bogris 

The Emerging Greeks Award went to KALA AZAR by Janis Rafa. 

According to the Jury: ‘’With hardly any dialogue, the film invites us on an unprecedented censorial artistic journey that exposes ancestral relationships of cohabitation between humans and animals and reconnects us with the dawn of humanity.  Sometimes crude, sometimes shocking, very physical and certainly with a gaze that captivates. An exceptional artistic exhibition that transcends and reveals new angles of our relationship with death. The Emerging Greeks Award, escorted by 1000 euros sponsored by the Greek Film Center goes to Kala Azar by Janis Rafa’’.










The Greek Film Festival in Berlin  –  6th Edition


The pandemic restrictions will not permit The Greek Film Festival in Berlin to take place at its traditional home, The Babylon cinema. We will miss the presence of the audience and the contact with all of you very much. We will use the Festival Scope platform to offer the unique chance to the audience of ALL Germany to watch Greek films in the comfort of their sofas at home. Note: Greek films in the whole of Germany from 2 to  6 June 2021! 

All the films will be available to watch 2 June, 9.00am – 7 June, 9.00am at

Pre-sales are open! 

Price ticket: 3,50 euros



The Greek Film Festival in Berlin  –  6th Edition

Narrating Histories

Like previous years this season the Greek Film Festival in Berlin is proud to announce its program. This year there has been many changes for the film business, the festival circle and the cinema audience. By definition, festival means to mingle, interact, watch films and be together. It is about togetherness. This pandemic has not allowed us for some time now to be together with our friends, peers, colleagues and, of course, the audience.

For a festival like The Greek Film Festival in Berlin which is based on its amazing, strong audience for five years now, it only makes sense to do it at its ”home”, the Babylon. Of course and above all, with the necessary measures, distances and use of masks, in order for us all to stay healthy and enjoy the films.

In case that there will be a lockdown, mind that we will push the dates of the festival back to February or March, and we will keep you posted all about it!

The full Festival Programme you will find within this link

Opening Film – EFTYCHIA

Closing Film – APPLES

We are honored to announce that from the upcoming 2021 edition the Emerging Greeks Competition Award for 1. and 2. film features will be rewarded with a 1000 euros Prize sponsored by the Greek Film Centre! 

We are very happy for our great Jury of professionals!

Thank you to our Sponsors and Supporters

Feel free to spread the word and tag us as #thegreekfilmfestivalberlin!





Dear colleagues

It is this time of the year again and …the show must go on!


Against the odds and despite the fact that COVID 19 is separating us and keeps us in distance, our team already started preparing for the new edition of the fest, so save the dates: 20-24 January 2021!
With a brand new name, new LOGO and new website, the Greek Film Festival in Berlin gets in its new phase and era.
The call for entries is online already, so we’ll be more than happy to receive your submissions!
Submission link
For press inquiries please contact



Emerging Greeks Award 2020

Best Film Award to MELTEM by Basile Doganis (France, Greece) A deeply touching and well developed film that succeeds to combine two family stories with the refugee’s issue, on the suffering Greek island of Mytilini – showing that, in the end, our cruel world is one… The element of the two French boys of Arab and Black African background that authorities cannot touch because of their official identities, shows the absurdity of this immense global problem the best way possible through this well acted, emotionally powerful film.



Communication & Press

Sofia Stavrianidou (Germany, Greece)

+49 1577 6872980

+30 6946 775702





Hellas Filmbox Berlin 2019 -Special Event

Audiovisual Industry: Α Growth Challenge for Greece”

Speech and Discussion with Lefteris Kretsos, Deputy Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media

Thursday, January 17th, 18.00, Saal 2 Babylon, Rosa Luxemburg Platz

A speech on the growth of the audiovisual industry and the new financial motives of making films in Greece will be given by Lefteris Kretsos, Deputy Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media in the context of the 4th Hellas Filmbox Berlin (16.-20. January 2019). The speech and the following discussion with professionals, journalists and the audience is entitled “Audiovisual Industry: Α Growth Challenge for Greece”.

Cinema, television, video games and the new entertainment platforms consist fertile grounds for growth being incorporated into the new growth law. Upon his appearance at the 4th Hellas Filmbox Berlin the Deputy Minister will analyse the parameters of the new term “cash rebate” –the financial return of 35% of any production expenses made in Greece- and the new “friendly” financial environment that enhances the motives to make audiovisual productions and co-productions in the country. Mr. Kretsos, among others, will answer queries regarding:
– Which are the conditions for joining the new financial program?
– What is the status quo regarding the co-productions?
– What is the process of implementing the reimbursement in Greece ?
– Why is the Greek financial context more attractive that the other countries’?

Lefteris Kretsos holds a PhD in Industrial Relations. Up until 2015 he served as an Assistant Professor of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management at the University of Greenwich, London. Recently he has participated in European research and academic programs on industrial relations and social rights. He has published several related books on the subject matter. In 2015 he was appointed General Secretary of Information and Communication, and from December 2016 until August 2017 he served as General Secretary of the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media. In August 2018 he was appointed Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media.


Communication & Press

Sofia Stavrianidou (Germany, Greece)

+49 1577 6872980

+30 6946 775702

for media requests

please contact:


Sofia Stavrianidou