Retrogate (Anadromos) – by Vasilis Kekatos
Greece 2015, 14′, Greek with English subtitles

Plot:Trapped in the futility of luxury and conventional happiness, a woman is leaded to self-destruction in order to break free or simply escape her daily routine. 

Vasilios Kekatos

was born in 1991 in Kefalonia, Greece. He completes his degree in Film Studies in Brunel University London. He is also the creator of Kefalonia Open Air Film Festival “SeaNema destival”. Retrograde is his first short film.


Without Milk – by Thodoris Vournas

Greece 2015, 18′, Greek with English subtitles


An ambitious writer and an experienced producer looking for the right balance for their upcoming collaboration. One of them should subside, putting milk in his coffee.


Theodoris Vournas

studied Film Directing in IEK AKMI and has partcipated in seminars on Theater Directing. Since 2010 he has been directing short films and theater performances.


Penguins – by Dimitris Zahos

Greece 2014, 13′, Greek with English subtitles


A father close to retirement with his two sons, try to adjust and manage their daily lives, within a dire economic situation. Everyone reacts in their own way . They collide with each other and each one with himself trying to keep the consistency of their family and be able to cope.
Based on the awarded short story by Christos Economou “Penguins outside the accountants office” (Something will happen, you”ll see, 2010).

Dimitris Zahos

was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. He is a director for film and theater productions and works as a secondary school teacher in Greece. He graduated from the Film Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with his short film “Penguins”. 
In August 2012 he was chosen as an outstanding film school graduate by the Greek Film Center. He participated in the program “Athens Open Air Film Festival” for which he directed the film “Mission Zeus”.
His films have participated and won awards in many film festivals all over the world. Currently he is preparing his new short film.

Chelsea-Barcelona – by Alexandros Chantzis

Greece 2012, 18′, Greek with English subtitles


Wednesday, 6th of May 2009. Andreas is up to his neck in debt for his house, his car and his cell phone. He can’t get a loan, although he’s a model employee at the bank. Andreas is a kind of overweight, a Greek Everyman who loses it at the end when his girlfriend, Angelika, blows off their date. If nothing else, he can take some solace in the fact that his favorite soccer team, Chelsea, has soundly trounced Barcelona. With the current economic crisis, it seems likely that watching group sports on t.v. has become an important refuge for many men.

Alexandros Chantzis

was born in Agrinion, 1985. He studied at the University of Athens (Department of Informatics and Telecommunications). He has worked for many-a-one theatre productions and movies. He directed the short films: Student Occupation (Award for Most Promising Director, National Short Film Festival of Drama, Greece, 2009), Chelsea-Barcelona (2nd Prize for Best Fiction Film, Honorary Distinction for the Best Screenplay, Honorary Distinction for an Actor in a Leading Role to Makis Papadimitriou, National Short Film Festival of Drama, Greece, 2012) which participated in a lot of film festivals around the world and I’ll take a deep breath and I’ll tell you (Athens International Film Festival, 2013). He also directed the documentary feature film Bullying Diaries, produced by “Small Planet Productions”.

Spectrum – by Dimitris Gkotsis

Greece 2014, 12′, Greek with English subtitles

Spectrum is used to classify something in terms of it’s position on a scale between two extreme points. Documenting a slice in the life of five different people living in the heart of the city of Athens and the power relations between them. Priorities entwined, leading to misunderstandings and finally the absolute brutality.

Dimitris Gkotsis

was born in Athens, (April 2nd 1987). He graduated in 2009 from University Of Derby UK getting his Bachelor Degree in Arts and Technology on Film Studies and Broadcast Media.

Greek School Prayer – by Thanasis Neofotistos

Greece 2014, 20′, Greek with English subtitles

In Dimitrs’ high school, Vassilis and his friends, a gang of bullies, terrorize him. When he learns that it’s his turn to say the morning prayer in front of the entire shool, Vassilis becomes the only thing he can think about. But, what’s going to happen when the time comes and he stands in front of the whole school and mainly in front of him?

Thanasis Neofotistos

was born and raised in Athens. He initially studies Architecture in D.U.Th and afterwards continued by studying Film Directing and just recently obrained his Bachelor in Q.M.U (AMC) Film Directing. One of his characteristic assets, Scenography, is an influence from both his studies. His first short film that was distinguished is THE SUN AND THE WIND, created  for the needs of his studies. PROSEFHI: Greek School Prayer, was his dissertation and certainly the most personal film to date.

Volta – by Stella Kyriakopoulos

Greece 2014, 11′, Greek with English subtitles


A mother and daughter start out from downtown Athens and head to the northern suburbs of the city. Nina thinks she’s going for a walk.

Stella Kyriakopoulos

Stella Kyriakopoulos was born in New Jersey in 1983. She received a BA in Studio Art/Film and Media from Swarthmore College and studied Sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts (Greece). She received an MFA in Filmmaking from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and currently lives between Greece and New York, working as an editor.







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