II – by Efthymis Kosemund Sanidis

Greece/Germany, 2014, 16′, Greek with English subtitles

An old groom walks in the open horizon towards a bride waiting for him. They meet but the distance between them starts to grow once again.

Efthymis Kosemund Sanidis

born in 1983, bears the Greek and german nationalities. He lives and works between northern France and Athens. Since 2010, he has directed commercial projects and short films. Currently, he is in residency at le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemorains in france. he is an alumnus of the Berlinale and Sarajevo Talent Campus. II is his debut short film.

Jennings Lodge – by Aliki Souma

Greece 2013, 10′, English

The inhabitants of Jennings Lodge, a small town in the US, listen to a local radio show from different places of the town. The program is interrupted suddenly by the breaking news of a child’s disappearance. Next, we see a gang who wanders in the woods, wearing hooded masks. Are they planning a criminal act, a ceremony, or a game? How are these events connected to each other and what is the meaning that hides behind them?

Aliki Souma

born in Athens 1989. In 2014, got her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Athens School of Fine Arts. “Jennings Lodge” was her diploma thesis, and was initially presented as a three-channel video installation. It was screened at various film festivals in Greece and won the Best Student Film Award at the 21st Short Film Festival in Drama.

Elvin – by Orfeas Peretzis

Greece 2014, 24′, Greek with English subtitles

A musician wonders around the Greek province. On his way to Athens he picks up a young girl.


Orfeas Peretzis

born in 1984 in Athens, Greece. Started making amateur films as a teenager and then moved to the UK to study Film & Video and Screenwriting at the London Film School. His student films participated in Festivals like The Brief Encounters in the UK, Drama International Short Film Festival in Greece, where he received 1st Prize for “Small Talk”, which also received an award for best student film from the Southern Royal Television in the UK.
He worked in London as a Promo Producer/Director for a few years. In 2010 equipped with a camera, moved back to Greece. He started filming protests, music events, documentaries, video art pieces and some branded content.
His short film “Elvin”, received top prize from the Panhellenic Union of Film Critics. His latest film “Quantum” will premiere at the Athens International Film Festival this September.
He is a co-founder of the Athens based production house StudioBauhaus where he directs and produces short films and branded content.


White sheet – by Sonia Liza Kenterman

Greece 2014, 18′, Greek with English subtitles

August. Blistering Heat. Cars speed up as they pass by the solitude of small towns. A sole presence in this deserted landscape a woman who spends her time on the highway. She has no destination other than her past.

Sonia Liza Kenterman
is a Greek-German film director and writer. Her short film ‘Nicoleta’ has won 14 awards and entered 32 festivals. She is currently in development of her first feature film ‘Tailor’ for which she has gained the development fund from the Greek Film Center.  “White Sheet” was also funded by by the Greek Film Center and had its premiere at the 20th Athens International Film Festival in September 2014.

Dye – by Giorgos Teltzidis

Greece 2014, 25′, Greek with English subtitles

A family living in Athens let out the flat above to Rashid, a young immigrant. A chance to sell the flat presents itself and each one of them will have to choose sides, with the lines between the victim and the perpetrator becoming blurred.

Giorgos Teltzidis

has written and directed a number of short films, documentaries, and commercials. He has also participated in various festivals in Greece and abroad.
He has collaborated as an assistant director, script and casting director with: Konstantinos Giannaris, Ektoras Lygizos, Periklis Hoursoglou, Stathis Athanasiou and more. Three of his scripts have been funded by the Greek National Television’s “Microfilm” program and the Greek Film Center.
In 2012, he was awarded with the best documentary award for his “Pure radio”, at the Drama International Short Film Festival. In 2013, in the same festival, he received honors as well as the panhellenic film critics association award for his script “Generator”, directed by Nikoleta Leousi. In 2015, his short film “Dye” was nominated for the Hellenic Film Academy award.







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