Germany/Greece 2014, 30′, German-Greek version

The two unequal brothers Leonidas and Vangelis don’t see a future in Greece due to the Greek financial crisis. As Leonidas must close his restaurant, they pack their last possessions in their car, their mother Theodosia into the back seat and make their way to Munich. There they want to work in the successful tavern of their uncle Giannis and build a new life. However, at their arrival, the two brothers have to realize that their uncle has exaggerated a little and just owns a small kebab place…
Iordanis Orfanidis
was born on 07/30/1987 in Dachau. After completing his school, he spent a year abroad on the Greek island of Syros. Then he began studying at the University of Macromedia in Munich where he graduated with his graduation film 2014/2015 “Bread & Olives”. The film was co-produced by Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) and the Greek College Stavrakos and Munich Macromedia and represents the first international co-production Macromedia with another film school. The film was funded by FilmFernsehFunk Bayern (FFF) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and was broadcastet on BR on the 9th of December 2015 in their program called “Short Film Night”.
Alexander Jaschik
was born on 08/18/1989 in Munich. After graduation, he moved 2009 directly to the Macromedia University in Munich to begin his studies of directing in the subject “film & television” . He graduated 2013 with his anti-war film “Jean” which, like later also “Bread & Olives” was co-produced by the Bavarian TV-channel Bayerischer Rundfunk. He participated with “Jean” in the festival “Max-Ophüls-Preis” in Saarbrücken, Germany and the Landshut Short Film Festival, in which he won the “Sprungbrett-Award” for Best Newcomer Film. The TV broadcast of Jean took place on 11/13/2013. A year later he developed together with Iordanis Orfanidis and the production company Pictures in a frame the project “Bread & Olives” in which he directed together with Iordanis Orfanidis. The film had its international and at the same world premiere at the Short Film Festival in Drama, Greece and its German premiere at the “Hofer Filmtage” Festival in October 2015.

Dead end – by Tonia Mishiali

Cyprus 2013, 15′, Greek with German subtitles


The loss of youth, social and professional activity intensifies the sense of loneliness, the obsessions and the “dead end” in the life of an elderly couple.

Tonia Mishiali

is one of the Artistic Directors of Cyprus Film Days International Film Festival and a Board member of the Directors Guild of Cyprus. She has been “experimenting” in film, theatre, video and television since 1997. She has participated in a big number of national and international film and performance festivals, claiming international recognition and winning numerous awards, including Best Director. Her award winning short films “Dead End” and “Lullaby of the butterfly” made their World Premieres at the prestigious Films Festivals of Locarno and Sarajevo respectively. She is now developing her debut feature film “Menopause.


Germany/Greece 2011, 37′, German/Greek with German subtitles


A rather special documentarian named Kosta Rapadopoulos travels his home land to ask older men about their amorous exploits with the female tourists who came en masse to Greece in the 1970s. This film tells us about the bicultural encounter between the impetuous ‘Greek stud’ who allows Mum to feed him until he gets married, and the emancipated woman who is on the pill! The filmmaker’s investigations lead him to the legendary ‘kama kia’, or ‘heroes of the island’, who devoted themselves to meeting the carnal needs of these women. It is a search that almost brings Rapadopoulos to his wits’ end.


Jasin Challah

found his way into the film business as an actor and comedian before he started studying film at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) in 2007. He directed several short films and is a founding member of the production company „“, producing selected puppet-comedy-shows. Furthermore he is composing the music for his own films. He graduated 2010 with the documentary „Kamakia – Heroes of the Island“.







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Greek / Greek with German subtitles