The short film “Tides. A story told by the sea” by Stavrianna Litsa will be screened just before (more information below).


The film follows the Greek band ENCARDIA which composes and presents music and songs inspired by the rich musical tradition of Southern Italy. The Griko people are an ethnic Greek community found principally in regions of Calabria and Apulia. They are believed to be remnants of Greek communities that arrived to southern Italy (the old Magna Graecia region) in numerous waves of migrations from the 8th century BC through to the Byzantine Greek migrations of the 15th century caused by the Ottoman conquest. The Griko community has been able to preserve its original Greek identity, heritage, language and distinct culture, although exposure to mass media has progressively eroded its culture and language. ENCARDIA has travelled to Southern Italy in search of local folk culture. They have met with local musicians, poets and researchers, who try to preserve this powerful Mediterranean tradition with their songs and poetry. In addition to the music, they are interested in Tarantella pizzica, a local variation of the well-known Italian dance, which has acquired magical, religious and therapeutic dimensions.

Angelos Kovotsos

He was born in Greece. He studied cinema and finance and attended the MEDEA training program. He has written and directed more than 200 documentary productions for EBU, Greek Public Television/ERT and Greek Film Center. Some of them have been awarded in doc festival of the documentaries, international productions and tv programs) having collaborated with most directors and production companies of the Greek film and tv scene. Since 2000 he is in the production line and he deals with productions of independent films, documentaries and programmes for television.
Encardia is the name of a Greek musical ensemble inspired by, creating and presenting melodies and songs from the rich musical tradition of Southern Italy. The group has performed for more than 300 live concerts in the regions of Greece, Italy, Germany, Southern France and Cyprus. The unique connection they share with their audiences while in concert has often been notably mentioned by the media. They have cooperated with the most important representatives of the Southern Italian musical tradition for album recordings as well as in live performances.

Tides. A story told by the sea – by Stavrianna Litsa

Greece 2015, 11′, Greek with German subtitles


A documentary about the story of little Sayed and his family.  They arrive at the port of Mytilene on the island of Lesbos after a narrow escape. Before crossing the Aegean, their father got lost in the crowd. The mother and children hear that the father has been imprisoned in Greece. They write a book in an effort to save him.

Stavrianna Litsa

has studied cinema at Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in Istanbul.
 This is her first short documentary.






release date:



Angelos Kovotsos






70 mins


Greek/Italian/Griko with German subtitles