llipse. Requiem for a fragmented memory – by Thanasis Troumpoukis

Greece 2015, 15′, Greek with English subtitles

Ellipse is a story of a girl that has gone through a traumatic experience. She has lost the connections between life and death. Her memory has become a trash full of fragments that cannot be erased. Pictures and images of her past are projected on her mind. A man’s voice occupies her ears by telling a story for her loss during the procedure of her emotional restoration.

Thanasis Troumpoukis

was born in Athens in 1987. He has studied filmmaking (directing and screenwriting) in Athens and has worked as a photographer. Ellipse is his first short film. He has made video arts for the theater and has worked on several projects of short films. At this moment, he attends his Master program in Visual Arts at Athens School of Fine Arts and works on his next short film “The gaze of Medusa”.

URSA MINOR – by Elissavet Chronopoulou

Greece 2015, 86′, Greek with English subtitles

Ιn a cheap by-the-hour hotel, a man is being arrested while the unconscious body of a woman is being transported to the hospital. Cruising the heart of Athens, in the back seat of the patrol car, on his way to the police station, the man is recalling the last few months. From the day he first met the girl, at the same hotel, until the dramatic end of their relationship, the morning of his arrest.
In the meantime the effort of two people to love each other.

Elissavet Chronopoulou

is a director and editor, known for Yesterday Aftenoon (1998), A Song is Not Enough (2003) and O Annivas pro ton pylon (2011).







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new vision short film & feature film




Greek with English subtitles