Box – by Katerina Yiannakopoulou

Greece 2013, 11′, Greek with English subtitles

A film about three people and a box. A couple lives and share their house with a young woman. The girl lives and sleeps in a wooden box under the couple’s bed.
Even if the box breaks, it never stays empty.

Katerina Yiannakopoulou
Born and raised in Athens, Katerina Yiannakopoulou left her architecture studies behind and Studied Film at London Met. She completed her postgraduate degree at Central Saint Martins. Since 2010, she lives and works in Athens as a Film Director, Director Assistant and Production Manager.

Washingtonia – von Konstantina Kotzamani

Greece 2014, 24′, Greek with English subtitles

Washingtonia starts when the giraffes heart can no longer be heard.
Washingtonia is an alternative name for Athens, a place where people, like animals, fall into summertime sadness because of the heat. Washingtonia is the only palm tree that its heart is not devoured by the red beetle. Because it’s heart is small and dry and no one likes small and dry hearts.

Konstantina Kotzamani

Born in Komotini in 1983, Konstantina studied Pharmacy and Cinema at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Fine Arts. She has participated at Berlin and Sarajevo Talent Campus as a director. Her short movies have been selected in several International Festivals and have gained many awards.

Zenaida – von Alexis Tsafas & Yannis Fotou

Greece 2015, 69′, Greek/English/Creole with English subtitles

At 19, Zenaida has fully experienced the ugly face of the European dream. A victim of women’s trafficking, born in Africa and trapped in a European city, she is coerced by her “owners” to work in a brothel as a prostitute. Her life has been gradually reduced to a pathetic, meaningless routine and a recurring sequence of drug-induced hallucinations, which, while providing an escape from the present, bring back to life nightmares from the past. Parallel images of her life in the poverty of an African slum and the misery of a ruthless European city. An utter deadlock.


Alexis Tsafas

was born in Athens in 1956, where he studied cinema and theater. He has directed four shorts, three fiction feature films and many creative documentaries.

Yannis Fotou

was born in Greece in 1980. He studied Film at the Stavrakos Film School in Athens and at the Munich Film School. He has worked as a director of photography in several fiction feature films. The film Zenaida is his first directorial attempt.







release date:

2013 - 2015


new vision short films




Greek with English subtitles