Dinner For A few – by Nassos Vakalis

Greece/USA, 2014, 10′, no dialogues (animation film)

“Dinner For A Few” is an allegorical depiction of our society. During dinner, “the system” feeds the few who foolishly consume all the resources while the rest survive on scraps. Inevitably the struggle for what remains leads to catastrophic change.

Nassos Vakalis

is an EMMY Award winning animator, storyboard artist and animation director. He was born and raised in Athens, Greece and studied animation at the California Institute of the Arts, USA. He worked as an animator, animation supervisor and storyboard artist for many animation studios such as DreamWorks Animation, Warner Bros, Paramount, Sullivan-Bluth and Universal/Illumination. In addition, Nassos Vakalis has been the main pre-production and storyboard artist for the popular ESPN channel series “Off Mikes” for which he received an EMMY award. Nassos also wrote and directed 130 episodes for the animated series “Crime Time” which reached 25 million views worldwide. 
In the Greek entertainment business he is known as the co-founder and co-owner of the company Time-Lapse Pictures through which he co-produced (together with ERT and the Greek Film Center) a number of animated projects. Over the years Nassos Vakalis has also produced and directed several internationally awarded short animation films. Today he lives with his wife and children in Los Angeles, USA where he works at the DreamWorks Animation Studios with credits in movies like “The Bee Movie” by comedian Jerry Seinfeld, “Over the Hedge”, “Flushed Away”, “Kung Fu Panda” , “Monsters VS Aliens”, “Puss in Boots”, “Turbo” and many more.

The Aegean or the Anus of Death – by Eleni Gioti

Greece 2014, 7′, Greek with English subtitles

A mysterious man appears at locations in Athens where racist attacks have taken place. Why is he giving life jacket instructions? Who is he trying to save from the anus of death?

Eleni Gioti

was born in 1982 in Thessaloniki, Greece. She studied Media Theory in Athens and Cinema in Paris, France. She works as a researcher, writer and director for experimental and documentary films.

Evaporating Borders – by Iva Radivojevic

USA/Cyprus 2014, 73′, Greek/Arabic/English with English subtitles

Evaporating Borders develops a sweeping visual essay on global restrictive attitudes toward migrating populations. Guided by the filmmaker’s curious eye and personal reflections, the film dissects the experience of asylum seekers in Cyprus. Through a series of vignettes, it poetically weaves themes of migration, tolerance, identity and belonging.

Iva Radivojevic

spent her early years in Yugoslavia and Cyprus before settling in NYC. Her films have screened at various film festivals including IFF Rotterdam, SXSW Film Festival, HotDocs, Human Rights Watch, PBS, The Documentary Channel and were published by the New York Times Op-Docs. Her collaborative film Matthew 24:14 won the 2011 International Documentary Challenge competition for Best Director, Best Film and Best Use of Genre. She is the recipient of the 2015 Guggenheim Fellowship, 2011 Princess Grace Film Fellowship, 2012 Princess Grace Special Project Award and was named one of 25 New Faces of Independent Film of 2013 by Filmmaker Magazine.








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