Live music before the opening film – by the band Pascal & the Shades

Wednesday, March 30th, 7:30 p.m., Hall 1, before the opening film

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Decadence, Poetry, Beauty and Blues

Pascal & The Shades is the vehicle of the singer Paschalis Kalogeroudis. Pascal started searching for musical companions in Berlin in 2017. Together with Baron Anastis, an experienced musician who has several collaborations in Greece and abroad, they started a series of live performances in Berlin at various venues and festivals, and they did a short tour in Northern Greece. In 2020, they recorded their first song in Thessaloniki. It is their first single, which became the soundtrack of the trailer of the 6th edition of The Greek Film Festival In Berlin 2021.

Pascal & The Shades’s first album is a night’s wandering around in the light. It combines elements of Blues, Rock, and Swing, and the writing resembles to the style of decadent and beat poets, as well as mega artists like Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Jim Morrison and Nick Cave. The title of the EP debut Bad Poetry has a clear reference to an excerpt from Oscar Wilde, which states that all bad erotic poetry is born of genuine emotion.





side event, live music


20 min