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Kala azar by Janis Rafa

German premiere

At the margins of a city somewhere in the south of Europe, a young couple start their day with their job routine: collecting deceased pets from homes and taking them to a pet crematorium. Outside of their job’s constraints, they also collect and cremate roadkill found during their drives. In this desolate environment, the couples’ stoic perseverance creates a space through which their love grows, until the moment they have a car accident and cause a roadkill themselves…



Janis Rafa

Janis RAFA (1984, Greece) has a PhD in Fine Arts from the University of Leeds. She uses video to convert her experiences into carefully choreographed scenes. Her work walks a fine line between subjective interpretation and the authentic representation of landscapes and events. Her work has been exhibited at venues and festivals such, as the Viennale, Tate Modern and IFFR. In 2013, she created the Three Farewells trilogy. “Kala azar” (2020) is her debut feature film.




release date:



Janis Rafa


Penelope Tsilika, Dimitris Lalos, Maria Aliferi, Michelle Valley, Tassos Rafailidis




85 min


Greek with English subtitles