The Mirror of Lord Patschog – by Elina Panik

Germany 2012, 14′, German with Greek subtitles
With Bastian Sierich, Effi Rabsilber, Patrick Lang, Matea Mihaljevic a.o.

Lord Patschog and his twin sister Myriel are having a party at their house, but both of them seem distant, with no interest for their guests. Trying to flirt with a young girl, Simon, the best friend of Lord Patschog specifies Lords character: a person estranged to his enviroment, unable to accept his own existence. The party ends suddenly when Lord passes through a mirror!
We find him again at the other side of the mirror, a place where he is forced to face countless reflections of himself and to be the reflection of anyone who stands on the other side of the mirror. Soon his sister follows him. An allegory about self-image and the division of the subject, inspired from the text ”Lord Patchogue” by Jacques Rigaut.

Elina Panik

was born in Athens and studied filmmaking in Athens and Berlin, where she lives the last years. She also worked as costume and set designer in productions in Greece and in Germany. With her film “The Desperation of Mimi” she took part in the Berlinale Talent Campus 2010 and special screenings followed like in the London Underground Film Sessions a.o. in Berlin and Greece. Her last film “The mirror of Lord Patschog” was shot in Berlin in 2012 and won the Platinum Remi award for Short Film in Worldfest Houston, Texas and the Best DOP Award in Drama Short Film Festival in Greece. The videoclip for the song Terrorist of Petra Flurr that she shot in 2013 won the Best LoFi Award in the Berlin Music Video Awards.

Soma (Body) – by Danis K

Greece 2007, 6′, Greek with English subtitles

„Soma“ is a short film about body pain. A girl is lying down in darkness while the pain tortures her body. After falling asleep a new bright world opens up to her…

Danis Karaisaridis (danis k)

obtained his diploma in film studies (script writing, directing, photography, editing) in Thessaloniki, Greece.
He has made 12 short films so far. In 2004 his film “X” won the “KAWASAKI Digital Short Film” award in Tokyo. Dreams and the subconscious mind are his favourite film subjects. He currently lives in Berlin.

Stray Dogs – by Dimitra Mitsaki

Greece 2015, 3′, Greek with English subtitles

Stray Dogs (2015) is an experimental film, which frames a one-month trip back to the birthplace of the filmmaker. Without following a planned route, rather a chaotic one and through the means of improvised videography and montage builds a self-portrait of the filmmaker, who lives far away. Framing the urban and suburban scenery, framing the iconography of life in the city, framing the inner conflict and the events that streets were scared from, in a continuous dialogue with the memories & the perspective of the filmmaker. Definitions are just artificial terms in a dictionary and what defines us cannot be described in a few lines.

Dimitra Mitsakiis a director, writer & video artist. Born in Thessaloniki at 1986 and currently lives and works in Athens. She studied Theology in the Aristotelian University and Filmmaking in Berlin, where she lived and worked from 2010 to 2015. Her writing debut is the theatre play Don’t Forget to Home and it was presented in various venues in Berlin and in Athens. She has directed two short films; Finishες (2013) & The Brother (2015). Her work focuses on socio-political aspects and she recently launched the online documentary series, the Cockroach, which discusses the interaction between art & politics.

Athene – by Eva Stefani

Greece 1995, 26′ , Greek with English subtitles

The film depicts the life at the Larissa Railway station in Athens in the spring of 1995. The camera focuses on the station’s ‘tenants’, Antonia, Florakis and George …

Eva Stefani

Born in 1964. Studied political sciences at the University of Athens (1981-1987) and then Documentary at Ecole Varan in Paris(1989), cinema studies and ethnographic film at New York University (1989-1991). She then followed a 4 year documentary course at the National film and TV School in England (1991-1995). Since 2000 she teaches cinema studies at the Faculty of Theatre Studies, University of Athens. She works as a documentary director.










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Greece / Germany


Greek / German with German subtitles