Manos Mundakis is a business- oriented husband of fun-loving Maria and the farther of daughter Xenia. They live in Berlin owning a small tailor’s shop. To fulfill his big dream of returning to their home country Greece, Manos works like a maniac, terrorizes his family with his greediness and, now and then, cheats on his costumers. His plan is to go to the Island of Crete and build bungalows for tourists with his savings. But his greed for money slowly but surely develops into a serious obsession. 
Just before he reaches his goal- his family is already on their way to the airport- he receives a phone call reminding him of something long forgotten. 

The word “Erebos” means the underworld’s deepest and darkest place. The film uses it metaphorically for a life that- despite good intentions- solely focuses on one aspect of life.

Nicos Ligouris

was born in Athens. After three years of studying law at the University of Athens, he started writing film reviews for more than ten years (1970 till 1980) for the film magazine “Synchronos Kinimatographos“ which was founded by Theo Angelopoulos and Vassilis Raphailidis. He is a graduate student of the University of Television and Film Munich and has  worked as an assistant director for filmmakers such as Michael Verhoeven und Helma Sanders-Brahms.  Since 1980 he has been writing and directing fiction and documentary films, that were mostly Greek-German co-productions and have been awarded in various international film festivals. He lives in Berlin since 1981.