The Boy 

Born in 1981 in Athens.
He works as a film director and a musician. Also he acted and wrote the music in several films, he has directed music videos and theater plays and he has performed in more than 400 concerts.

feature films as director, writer, musician

Crying? (2003)
Pink (2006)
Higuita (2012)
Thread (2016)


albums released as The Boy:
50 God damned songs (2007)
Please make me dance (2009)
Koustoumaki (2010)
Fantasma (2010)
Iliotherapeia (2011)
When you grow up your heart dies (2011)
Before (2012)
American unicorn (2013)
Higuita OST (2013)
The sentimentalists OST (2014)
Oresteia OST (2015)
Kalo paidi (2015)
Etoimoi 1 (2016)
Kissing? OST (2016)
Park OST (2016)
Etoimoi 2 (2017)
The last note OST (2017)

albums released as Mary and The Boy:
Mary and The Boy (2007)
Timemachine (2009)
Praying for your sins (2011)

albums released as Felizol and The Boy:
Like cannibal father,like cannibal son (2014)
Thread OST (2017)

albums released as Agori Yorgos:
Agori Yorgos (2015)