EMERGING GREEKS COMPETITION: Pack of Sheep by Dimitris Kanellopoulos

Saturday, April 2nd, 5:15 p.m., Hall 1, German premiere, director present, Q & A after the screening

repetition: Sunday, April 3rd, 5 p.m., Hall 1, director present, Q & A after the screening

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Thanasis can’t pay off his debt to Stelios. When he finds out that Apostolis is in the same position as well, he asks him to join him, so that they close a better deal with Stelios. While Thanasis tries to put more players in the game, two young gangsters arrive in town to push over the debtors.



Dimitris Kanellopoulos

Goodbye Anestis (2011), 18´
General’s widow (2008), 20´
Furtive smiles (2004), 20´
Blind man’s buff (2002), 14´




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Dimitris Kanellopoulos


Aris Servetalis, Dimitris Lalos, Giannis Vasilottos, Lefteris Polychronis




113 min


Greek with English subtitles