Wiski by Panos Katsimperis

Greece 2018, 10 Min, OmengU

A young man decides to spend one evening enjoying every single one of his five senses.


The Sea by Tasos Giapoutzis
Lithuania 2017, 8 min, Lithuanian with English subtitles
Life, a game. Happiness, the sea. Moral virtue and the rules determine the winner.


Room by Konstantinos Katsiaboulas

Greece 2018, 7 Min, OmengU

A woman tries to sort out the mess in her room.


The only faithful by Steven Kakavoulis

Greece 2018, 10 Min, OmengU

Ex pedophile priest George has sent a letter to his victims in order to meet them at an abandon place to apologise for his actions. When he gets there he finds only a young man, Marc. He is not in his victim list.


Cry by Nikos Mathios

Greece 2017, 9Min, OmengU
A woman of forty returns exhausted to her empty home from work. Having lost all communication with her husband and feeling devoid of emotions, she begins a series of failed attempts at hurting herself in order to cry. When her husband returns home, the woman lashes out against him, seeking an outlet.


Nekydallo by Eleni Molfeta
Greece  2018 , 9 Min, OmengU

To become a butterfly, a caterpillar first digests itself. But certain groups of cells survive, turning the soup into eyes, wings, antennae and other adult structures. All that the caterpillar was and all that the butterfly will be are contained in the cocoon, but one form must relinquish itself that another might emerge.  This kind of change is mysterious, hidden, and full of surprise. Metamorphosis is a process, which involves struggle, dissolving, reimagining and revising. It is not always easy, however, when you emerge, you will have a greater appreciation for who you are.


The Laison by Panos Kostouros

Greece, Holland 2018, 18 Min, OmengU

Ever since her kidnapping from Hades, Kore, now his wife and queen, has to split her time between our world and the Underworld. Hades sends for her when it’s time for Summer to end and Winter to begin.
…Winter is here…


Pascha – by Ismene Daskarolis

Estonia, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Latvia 2018, 15 min, English / Greek / Swedish with English subtitles
On October 2017, two lovers boarded a boat to the end of the world.