8th Continent by Yorgos Zois

Greece 2017, 11 Min, OmengU
In Lesvos island an old abandoned dump lies on a mountain with two big craters. The craters are overflown by thousands of life jackets from the refugee waves. A worker is the only inhabitant in this place that resembles an alien planet or a new continent.


Nowhere by Sotiris Palaskas

Greece 2018, 14 min, German with English subtitles

You have a family, a house, a life. Then, in a moment, you lose everything. And violence seems to follow you in every step you make.


The Penal Colony by Manos Cizek and Lindsey Aliksanyan
Greece 2017, 24 min, English with Greek subtitles
The Penal Colony is a political short film based on Pussy Riot’s Nadia Tolokonnikova’s brutal account of imprisonment inside a Mordovian women’s prison, the human rights abuse she and others endured and her eventual hunger strike leading to international media acknowledging the abuse being endured by the women of Penal Colony #14.

Third kind by Yorgos Zois

Greece 2018, 32 min, German / English / Greek with English subtitles
Earth has been abandoned long time now and the human race has found refuge in outer space.
Three new archeologists return to Earth to investigate where a mysterious five tone signal is coming from…

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80 mins


Greek with English subtitles