SPECIAL SCREENING: Karagiozis (animation, work in progress) by A. Karas, Aik. Papageorgiou and Ch. Livaditis

Sunday, April 3rd, 3 p.m., Hall 1, international premiere, directors present, Q&A after the screening

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The first 3D animation movie produced in Greece presents the ultimate symbol of Greek folklore and tradition Karagiozis, and welcomes us to his universe Karagiozis: the movie. He’s poor but optimistic, funny with sarcastic humour, clever and simple, he enjoys socialising and interacting with his fellow villagers, and now he becomes Public Secretary (!). Funny dialogues, upheavals, traditional Greek music and scenery form a unique mosaic of laughter, emotions, rhythm, joy and a hero full of energy, who will guide us to his world! The Commander decides to appoint a public secretary to serve the citizens, since his employees are forced to neglect their work, in order to serve the illiterate people of the region for their literacy needs. Hadjiavatis undertakes the duty to find the right person, until he meets Karagiozis, who mentors him for his grammar knowledge. The hero hilariously accepts the post, after impressing the Commander with his qualifications.

The film is a co-production with Cosmote TV.



A. Karas, Aik. Papageorgiou, Ch. Livaditis


A. Karas – art & stage directing

Voice (1990), documentary

Ethics Dpt (1995), mini TV series, ANT1 channel

Innocent or Guilty (2000), TV series, ANT1 channel

Couples (2003), TV series, ANT1 channel

Charitona’s choir (2005), feature film


Aikaterini Papageorgiou – directing for the movement

Trianglefish against the Great Shark (2021), short film

A fragile family (2021), theatrical performance

L’ autre (2020), F. Zellers theatrical performance

Date apps (2019), documentary, Cosmote TV


Christos Livadites – directing for the stage lighting

– Trianglefish against the Great Shark (2021), short film





release date:



G. Karras, Aik. Papageorgiou, Ch. Livadites






74 min


Greek with English subtitles