Aenigma by Antonis Ntousias & Aris Fatouros

A 3D-requiem on the aspects: figure, female goddess, eternal Eve, art. From idealization and sacred worship, to glorification and fertilization, to transformation and reproduction, to decay and frailty, desecration and destruction, condemnation and submission to the fall in the timeless Erebos. On the dream of regeneration!

Copa-Loca by Christos Massalas

This is the story of Copa-Loca, an abandoned Greek summer resort. Paulina is the girl in the heart of Copa-Loca. Everyone takes care of them, and they take care of everyone – in every imaginable way.

Preparation by Sofia Georgovassili

Three women in a house. A family. The representatives of three generations try to overcome their fear in the face of the impending death of one of them, and try to maintain the emotional balance, although the uncertain future is imminent.

Studio Hamattan by Stefanos Pavlakis

A collection of grotesque pop culture masks – used by three enigmatic travelers as aids in smuggling themselves across a cultural threshold – are transported from one photo studio to the next across the West African Benin.

Unbearable Sun by Vassia Valkanioti

A videographic imprint of a ritual performed by an anti-hero movie character.


release date:

2016 / 2017




83 mins


Greek with English subtitles