Christina belongs to the so called “lost generation”- the young people who work for the minimum wage and live with their parents, because they can’t afford to move out. But Christina has had enough. With the little money she has, she decides to rent a flat and live on her own, even if it’s only for a while. In the process, she’ll discover herself and what she really wants from life, far from her mother’s watchful eye.

Stratos Tzitzis

Studied Economics, Politics and Cinema in Athens, where he made two feature films Love is an Elephant (2000) and Save Me (2001). Moved to Berlin in 2004, where he worked on philosophical issues and wrote two essays. Returned to Athens for his third feature film 45m2 (2010). Directed his theater play Kafsi for the Olvio Theater (2012-2013), which he turned into a movie during 2015, with the english title Ashes.