Greiechenland 2014, 64′, OmUdt

‘Burning from the inside’ is a socio-political documentary, coming out from the streets of Athens and Berlin. Using the rise of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn as the main axis, it exposes the fascist structures and the social disintegration witch invaded Greece, from the perspective of the Greek immigrants in Germany. Giving their own fight against the Nazi outburst, the Greeks collaborate with Germans, and try to create a ‘voice’ which speaks about the constant violations of human rights in Greece, as well as the role of Germany as the ‘queen of Europe’. By juxtaposing the events in the two countries, the film imposes questions on the functionality of democracy in the country that gave birth to it, and ‘universalizes’ the Nazi problem. At the same time, it focuses on the amazing power that the people can assume when united, and unfolds the reasons which made Greece a country burning from the inside.

Marsia Tzivara

is a filmmaker from Athens Greece, currently based in Berlin.
She studied media and film in England, and since then she works in the Greek and international film and TV industry as director, casting director and assistant director.
Being involved in the industry for almost 15 years, she has collaborated with many successful Greek Filmmakers as well as the ‘elite’ of mainstream and legendary Greek actors.
Marsia moved to Berlin in 2011, and since then she has been involved in a number of German projects, having the chance to intergrade in the German film industry and expand her horizons.
She is a film activist interested in Human rights, member of the German film collective
Ak-Kraak, and she is involved in documentaries and activist videos on social and political issues in Germany and abroad.
At the moment, she is on a festival circle with the Greek-German documentary film ‘Burning from the inside’, which has already attributed international recognition and awards, while on development for her upcoming film project.

Postheimat – von Ioanna Kriona

Deutschland 2014, 23′, OmUdt

Six Greek immigrants, all members of an amateur theatre group stage Brecht’s “Fear and Misery in the Third Reich” in Berlin. Working on the play gives them a first insight into the reality of persecution in Germany during World War II. The film follows them after their last appearance, as they visit a hospital that used to be a mental institution during the Nazi regime. Full of historical references, the place gives them the opportunity to explore the past in a way they never had as actors.


Ioanna Kriona













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Deutschland / Griechenland