April 4th, 1968. The Panathenaic Kallimarmaro Stadium is abuzz, with thousands of people gathered and millions listening through their radios. The AEK – Slavia Prague basketball game has just begun.

A girl in love is dreaming of her wedding day, while the future husband becomes more desperate with every Greek ball going through the hoop. An elderly husband and wife remember the home they left behind. A young communist prisoner cheers from his jail cell and a PROPO betting shop becomes the place where old and new wounds resurface.

Years before this night, three Constantinopolitans decided to create an athletic union that will tell their story. At the end of this night, Greek history will have changed forever.

Tassos Boulmetis

studied Physics in the University of Athens and Film Production and Direction at the University of California (UCLA), with a scholarship support from the A. Onassis Foundation. At UCLA he taught as a teaching assistant classes on directing actors for film and television.

In Greece he started his career as a director/producer of TV shows. In 1990 he wrote, directed and co-­produced the film “Dream Factory” which was shot on video and then transferred to 35mm film. The film obtained 8 awards in Greece and the Golden Award of Fantasy Movies in the Houston Film Festival. For several years he has directed many TV Commercials for Greek and European agencies. His second feature was “A Touch of Spice” which he wrote, directed and co­-produced. This project is a labour of love for him as the story is based, mostly, on true facts drawn from his own life. The film became the biggest hit ever in Greece with over 1.600.00 admissions and has been distributed in 45 countries in all over the world. A “Touch of Spice” has been presented in several festivals around the world and has been awarded with 8 Awards of excellency in Greece. The film was Greece’s official entry in the Academy Awards of 2005.

His recent academic activities include, teaching classes on Advanced Film Directing, in private institutions in Greece. He is the first unanimously elected president of the Hellenic Film Academy. His third feature, “MYTHOPATHY”, a coming of age story of a young man during the 70’s in Greece, is a sarcastic comedy, about the Greek political system, and how it ended up in today’s crisis. He is a member of European Film Academy.