IRVING PARK by Panayotis Evangelidis (director present)


Irving Park is the story of four gay men in their 60s, living together in Chicago and exploring an unconventional lifestyle of master/slave relationships.


Before: SO QUIET THE PERFORMATIVITY OF A PUSSY by Maria Katsikadakou a.k.a Maria Cyber (director present)

Greece / Norway 2018, 8 min, no language

Has a pussy it’s very own performance? Maria Katsikadakou (aka Maria Cyber) outlines the performativity of the pussy, in an 8-minute video art. By claiming a part of the visibility pie, in contrast to the plurality of the information and images of dicks, the pussy is here, in close ups, raw and naked, in a big screen covered all by it. The title, as well as the images the director uses, shows us the actions of the pussy.

Highlight: Extended discussion and Q & A on the topics of the films @ OVAL.

Panagiotis Evangelidis

was born in Athens. He is a graduate of the Law School of the University of Athens and works as a translator (languages include Japanese, Spanish, English, French). Evangelidis has published three works of fiction and he is currently completing his fourth book. Evangelidis has co-written a number of scripts for films such as THE ATTACK OF THE GIANT MOUSAKA, REAL LIFE and STRELLA (Official Selection, Berlinale Panorama 2009) with Panos Koutras and FOG UNDER THE SUN with Nikos Lygouris. In 2008 Evangelidis directed his first documentary film, CHIP AND OVI. His lastest film, IRVING PARK (2019) has been selected at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2019.


2015 Pure Life (Documentary)

Maria “Cyber” Katsikadakou

Maria Cyber is one of the first lesbian activists on the Greek Gay & Lesbian scene. She has studied photography, graphic, and web design and film studies. She created the biggest portal for lesbians in Greece (, as well as the Outview Film Festival – Days Of Queer Cinema, which she has been organising for the last 10 years. She is the administrator of the NGO organization, ProudLife that is establish in 2016.











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Panagiotis Evangelidis






Greek with English subtitles


117 mins