Short Films Block 3

Vouta by Dimitris Zahos

Greece 2020, 18 min, Greek with English subtitles, Berlin premiere 

Vouta is a pigeon breed that flies all the way to the clouds, then falls at a speed of up to 230 km/h and slows down, just before it reaches the ground. Christos, a teenager in a disadvantaged neighbourhood of Athens, will have to learn new ways to cope with his family’s problems, when his father comes home after his release from jail. Just like the pigeons he loves.


Hansel by Vivian Papageorgiou

Greece 2020, 17 min, Greek with English subtitles, Berlin premiere

A young boy is trapped in a gingerbread house, which underneath hides a gloomy world, while his mother is desperately trying to find the gate that will take him out of there.


Sparkling Candles by Thanassis Neofotistos

Greece 2019, 10 min, Greek with English subtitles, Berlin premiere

A young guy, listening to “Power of Love” on repeat, gets prepared to offer himself as a sex-toy to his boyfriend, as a celebration gift for their 3rd anniversary.


Bella by Thelyia Petraki

Greece 2020, 30 min, Greek with English subtitles, Berlin premiere

Just before the Berlin Wall came tumbling down, at the end of the Cold War. Everything is changing in front of Anthi’s eyes and Christos seems to be changing too. Bella is the story of a moment in time recreated, as if in a feverish dream where fiction and documentary overlap perfectly, creating a striking and emotional cinematographic universe.






short films




84 mins


Greek with English subtitles