Gadjo Dilo

Gypsy Manouche & Rembetiko from Greece

The bubbly sextet from Athens sets out to follow in the footsteps of the great Django Reinhardt, but is also committed to the great poets of the Rembetiko – a homage to Manouche gypsy jazz and the charming nonchalance of swing.

The six-piece orchestra from Greece, with its contagious cheerfulness and intoxicating cultural mix, has been inspiring right from the start: gypsy jazz of the 30s and 40s, enriched by Greek Rembetiko songs from the harbor pubs of Piraeus!

“Gypsy swing from Greece”

Gadjo Dilo has managed to combine the music of legendary gypsy swing guitarist Django Reinhardt and Greek music of the 50s and 60s. Mixing these two different cultures and experimenting with jazz sounds creates a new and original genre: Manouche De Grec. Her live gypsy-jazz performances give off a Greek fragrance and liven up an older Greek era. Gadjo Dilo inspire in their performances and encourage everyone to dance and sing. Her live set also includes American jazz standards and French songs. The band released their second album “Manouche De Grec Vol II” in December 2016. The album contains the song cover “Pou ‘sai Thanasi” with Tonino Carotone!

With the support of Greece on Tour!


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