Athens 2014.
Between bereaved desires and lost hopes, a film diary bangs against the walls of the city.
The daily life of a country in crisis, the inertia of revolution, the individual issues that confront the political,
questions of survival that confront ideals.
Can we still ask the simplest questions?

Daphne Heretakis

was born in Paris in 1987. After finishing school in Greece, she moved to France to study film at the University of Paris 8 Saint-Denis and at the Fresnoy, National Studio of Contemporary Arts. She makes films between documentary and fiction and is interested in the relationship between the intimate and the collective,  private and public space, just like in “Ici rien” (2011), “Archipels, granites dénudés” (2014), “The seaweed in your hair” (2016). She lives and works between Paris and Athens.



















release date:



Dafni Chairetaki




26 mins


Greek with English subtitles