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THE GREEK FILM FESTIVAL IN BERLIN, 20th – 24th of January 2021





EMERGING GREEKS is the main Competition section of THE GREEK FILM FESTIVAL IN BERLIN. First and second fiction feature length films of the current Greek film production will be presented to the German audience. Emphasis is placed on works that introduce interesting aspects concerning contemporary issues and matters of the Greek reality, as well as perspectives and notions of the Greek society, that will provide the audience in Berlin with different views of Greece than those delivered by the German Media. Thus, by passing the word to the filmmakers and giving space to filmic approaches on the Greek culture, history and last but not least everyday life, EMERGING GREEKS competition wishes to create a communication platform between the two countries in the sense of a non-verbal experience, which will let pictures talk for themselves.



1) Films may participate as long as their production has been completed after January 1, 2019.

2) Eligible categories are:

– Narrative Feature Films of at least 60 minutes running time

3) Competition is open to films that are Greek productions and co-productions. International films that deal with a subject, which clearly bears reference to Greece will also be accepted, whereas the filmmaker’s country of origin will not be taken into consideration.

4) Already submitted films for past editions of THE GREEK FILM FESTIVAL IN BERLIN are allowed to be submitted again.

5) Films may participate irrespective of their premiere status. Films not available on websites open to the public, as well as German premieres will be given priority.

6) Eligible are films which can provide the festival with a final print of screening in DCP format.

7) THE GREEK FILM FESTIVAL IN BERLIN does not charge any screening fees.

8) THE GREEK FILM FESTIVAL IN BERLIN does not pay screening fees.

9) THE GREEK FILM FESTIVAL IN BERLIN reserves the right to publish information of the films selected, including film excerpts that might be broadcast on television or the internet, as well as the contact info of the director and the producer.

10) Directors, producers and any cast and crew of the selected films should strictly not publish on media or social media any information on the program before a press release or a press conference.

11) THE GREEK FILM FESTIVAL IN BERLIN will take at Babylon according to the Covid 19 restrictions and guidelines. An online version is not feasible.



Please send your submission for EMERGING GREEKS competition section until September 28th, 2020 to the following the link. Please send all other requested materials (2 film stills, 1 director’s still, dialogue list) to entry@thegreekfilmfestivalinberlin.com.



Please send your final screening copy until December 15th, 2020 to the following address:

City Circus Athens Hostel

16, Sarri str.

Athens, 105 53



1. A screening copy of the film in DCP format. All films will be screened with English subtitles.

2. A backup Blu-Ray of the film.



Emerging Greeks Competition Award.